timber building

timber-framed building

spike grid timber connector, joint employing two timber connectors is shown below
A building having timbers as its structural elements (except for the foundation); for a description of the major individual components used in such a structure, see collar beam, girt, joist, plate, purlin, rafter, summerbeam, wind brace.
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The council have provided permission for Marine to make a number of changes, including demolishing the old timber building situated behind the stand new and building units including a matchday snack bar, stewards' control room, spectator first aid treatment room, club shop, matchday office, kit store and a new spectator hospitality room.
To build the nation's largest timber building in Newark speaks to the confidence and belief we have in the city and Riverfront Square as a world-class location that can compete with any great city around the world," said Ben Korman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Lotus Equity Group.
As the first all timber building to be built in a century, the Radiator Building is on the cutting edge of design and is the first new office building in the dynamic North Williams Corridor of Portland, said Kersten.
Several other people were injured after the timber building that was being demolished collapsed.
He has installed two sheds, a timber building and gated access to the site, which must now all be removed.
A FIRE destroyed a timber building at the site of an ex-servicemen's club in Birmingham, causing smoke to billow across the M6.
Last year Hiraeth - Wales' Traditional Building Skills - was a popular new addition and this year they were back erecting a timber building on Vicarage Gardens.
The improvements at Linthorpe Community Primary School, Middlesbrough, include a new timber building for the reception classes which offers access to outdoor learning, three new classrooms for Year 1, a new training room, a new food tech room and a new play area which the children themselves have designed.
My visit to see Treet (tree) the world's tallest timber building taking shape was at the invitation of the Norwegian Labour Party.
Flames tore through the roof of the timber building which is home to The Kebabish takeaway.
The new timber building will be situated next to the cricket pitch and a local cycle circuit and will be used by, and benefit both clubs.
Australia is the tallest modern timber building, at just over 10 storeys.