timber framing

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The timberwork or steelwork that encloses and supports structural components of a building; see bent frame, doorframe, space frame, window frame, framing.
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The photography is beautiful, and the book guides you through the entire roundwood timber framing process: planting and tending trees, obtaining the tools needed, learning the joining methods for this type of construction, and perfecting floor-, wall- and roof-building techniques.
The Timber Framing Book by Stewart Elliott and Eugenie Wallas (Alan C Hood & Co, 2007)
dagger]) If you believe archaeologists, timber framing seems to have evolved from palisade construction where logs were embedded in the ground vertically side-by-side supporting a roof.
Timber framing was pretty much the only way to go when the United States was settled.
It's called timber framing, one of several alternative construction technologies that intrigues this builder.
Profusely illustrated with diagrams by Linda Foss and photos by Jeremy Foss and Randy Hillner, "The Timber Framing Book" is a superbly written and organized 169-page instruction manual co-authored by timber framing experts Stewart Elliott and Eugenie Walls.
The timber framing revealed was of a type which predated the present mid 19th Century waterwheel," he said.
After a decline that has lasted more than a century, timber framing is making a comeback.
The subsequent Croffead and Menefee houses concentrate solely on exploring the potential of loadbearing masonry, an anomaly in a nation virtually dedicated to timber framing.
For me there is some indefinable quality in timber framing.