timber framing

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The timberwork or steelwork that encloses and supports structural components of a building; see bent frame, doorframe, space frame, window frame, framing.
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Finds include much of the original timber-framed structures, a staircase leading to a medieval sleeping deck at the top of the house that had been partially hidden and an oven/fireplace thought to be at least 200 years older than the original structure.
Holywood-based Lifestyle Homes introduced the first timber-framed park homes to Ireland five years ago and managing director Gavin Logan said: "The introduction of environmentally friendly park homes is a historic step.
Like us, they timber-framed their building, used a mostly circular shape, and attempted to span a large interior space (in their case, fifty feet.
The timber-framed property was built in 2002 and features exposed beams and posts, giving it a good feeling of character.
Work to repair fire damage at the 400-yearold timber-framed Bell's Farm in Druids Heath will begin in the autumn and is expected to be completed by next summer.
PROPERTY lifestyle TV shows such as Grand Designs are undermining Welsh forestry by portraying timber-framed housing as luxury options, a businessman has claimed.
Timber-framed general construction is developing fast with its quick erection time, ease of use, cost effectiveness and its virtually zero impact on our environment.
Recent environmental legislation will place a growing emphasis on homebuilders to use more timber-framed, carbon-free home construction over the next decade.
The pounds 4m scheme involves converting a grade II listed Masonic lodge into two new houses as well as building 17 new timber-framed three-storey town houses.
Inspired by the dazzling diversity of the brightly coloured textiles employed by the Senegalese to make their distinctive boubous (kaftan-like dresses and robes), the wonderfully onomatopoeic Tambabox is a timber-framed cube clad in a patchwork of assorted clashing fabric panels.