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, musical instrument of the percussion family, having a narrow circular frame and a single parchment drumhead, with metal plates or jingles set in the frame. The ancient Romans used it, and in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance it was used by traveling musicians and
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The Bible says that in ancient Israel "Miriam, the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and dancing.
sorry, timbrels - although nobody does, but because they approached their national TV debut with all the joy of someone having their head amputated.
In collaboration with two structural engineers (John Ochsendorf of MIT and Michael Ramage of Cambridge) Rich devised a timbrel vaulting system consisting of three vault types.
And I wake up to seek Thee with my words I will sing to Thee with my pipe and my timbrel .
Timbrel J (2002) Principles of Biochemical Toxicology, 3rd Edition Taylor and Francis, London
The Old Testament speaks of bells,cymbals and timbrel (percussion); psaltery, sack but and dulcimer (strings); pipes,flute and horn (wind).
Below, the open space, through every nook Of the wide area, twinkles, is alive With heads; the midway region, and above, Is thronged with staring pictures and huge scrolls, Dumb proclamations of the Prodigies; With chattering monkeys dangling from their poles, And children whirling in their roundabouts, With those that stretch the neck and strain the eyes, And crack the voice in rivalship, the crowd Inviting; with buffoons against buffoons Grimacing, writhing, screaming,--him who grinds The hurdy-gurdy, at the fiddle weaves, Rattles the salt-box, thumps the kettle-drum, And him who at the trumpet puffs his cheeks, The silver-collared Negro with his timbrel, Equestrians, tumblers, women, girls, and boys, Blue-breeched, pink-vested, with high-towering plumes.
I like it, but I wish they'd scored it for cymbals, timbrel and harp.
The product of traditional musicological and analytical research, however, has posited power and coherence in "the notes" (importantly, not the "sounds," the timbrel material), as revealed in structural and historical analysis.
The musical skills of this salvific king, who sings and plays on lute and flute, to timbrel and cymbal, (dygr wydmr bknr wtlb btp wm.
But, see where all the tiny elves come dancing in a ring, With the merry, merry pipe, and the tabor, and the horn, And the timbrel so clear, and the lute with dulcet string; Then round about the oak they go till peeping of the morn.
from stone not echoing shell from bone not timbrel of pestilence song at last song