time shifting

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time shifting

A technique used to work around problems due to the Year 2000 and the "millennium bug". Time shifting involves translating date fields in a database back by a fixed number of years to avoid year 2000 problems with the database management system.

Typically dates are shifted back 28 years so that the occurrence of leap years and days of the week match with the actual year.
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To record a video or audio program when it is broadcast and watch it at a later time. The 1970s ushered in the era of timeshifting with the VCR, which was followed by the digital video recorder (DVR) in the late 1990s. A podcast is a type of timeshifting, except that the audio recording is already made, and the user only has to download it (see podcast). See DVR and VCR. Contrast with placeshifting.
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Instead, they're waiting a few days to see how many people catch up via time shifting.
The above method used to calculate the phase has some problems: First, selecting the centroid of the signal as reference point for time shifting does not lead to a symmetrical wave of pseudo-linear phase, which is especially true if the applied pulse is not symmetrical and has been severely attenuated and/or dispersed.
While the networks are nimbly hustling their live-plus-seven results--ABC's Nashville in Week 2 boosted its demo delivery 68 percent upon application of a week of DVR viewing, growing from a 1.9 to a 3.2--the currency data suggests that those who are catching up via time shifting aren't watching the ads.
Genevieve Bell, anthropologist and director of Interaction and Experience Research at Intel Labs, said that women historically become avid users of technology when that tech solves a problem, and helps people to organize their lives and that of their families as well as aids us in saving time and time shifting. ( ANI )
Motorola said that the VIP2202 and VIP2262 set-tops allow operators to expand their subscriber base and grow average revenues per user by offering consumers rich home entertainment experiences such as personal video recording (with the VIP2262 model), time shifting, electronic programming guides and HD content.
Time Shifting: Bill C-32 authorizes, "time shifting" (copying a television programme to a recorder such as a personal video recorder (PVR)).
"If we took it all as an aggregate, the time shifting in that period is bigger than any program in that time period."
Cell phones will soon come with the ability to record programs in TiVo (digital video recording, or DVR) style, for time shifting. Sharp has a phone with a video-recording function, and a service called DVReverywhere allows TiVo users to stream recorded programs to their phones.
Since its release in 1979, The Wall has become one of the best-selling records of all time shifting more than 23 million copies.
However, people who download music or video files for their own use might not infringe copyright, by virtue of the time shifting defence.