Time-Lapse Photography

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time-lapse photography

[′tīm ¦laps fə‚täg·rə·fē]
(graphic arts)
Motion picture photography in which a single frame is exposed at regular intervals; when the film is projected at normal speed, the action appears to be speeded up.

Time-lapse photography

The study of work processes by use of a series of photographs taken at specifically timed intervals; useful for collecting video images of a construction site for posting on an intranet, to monitor construction progress.

Time-Lapse Photography


motion-picture photography in which the camera is stopped between the exposure of successive frames; a special type of accelerated-motion photography. Depending on the characteristics of the subject and the purposes of the filming, the intervals between frames may range from approximately 0.2 seconds to several hours or, in exceptional cases, even days. The camera is connected to a special device, such as a timer or electrical relay, that generates pulses for starting the film-transport mechanism and, when necessary, for switching any lighting equipment on and off. When the sequence of frames obtained is subsequently shown with a regular motion-picture projector having the standard frame frequency (much greater than that used during filming), the changes that occurred in the subject during filming appear to be compressed in time (speeded up), which makes them easy to observe.

Time-lapse photography is used in physics, solid-state experimental and applied mechanics (the growth of crystals and the gradual destruction of solids), chemical kinetics (the progress of chemical reactions), cytology and molecular biology (processes at the cellular and subcellular level), and microbiology (the growth and development of microorganisms). It is also used in feature films, especially in scientific feature films, where the technique is particularly effective.


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EmbryoScope is a time-lapse system with an integrated incubator with a capacity for six patients.
As with all motion controllers made for time-lapse photography, the mount is a "shoot-move-shoot" device.
The time-lapse aimed to aid researchers in determining how the world might be impacted by a changing climate and an increase in carbon dioxide.
His time-lapse rig was set up with a Nikon D600 that was programmed to take 15-second exposures every 10 seconds until 4:30 a.
KEY WORDS: Time-lapse imaging, Culture media, Embryonic development, Morphokinetics.
VIDEO: Time-lapse of construction at Aldar's Shams Meera project
This order, financial details of which were not available, comprises of eight EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubators providing the Kato Ladies Clinic with a time-lapse capacity of approximately 6000 treatments per year, making it the largest time-lapse capacity in a single clinic in the world.
The following time-lapse video shows how the museum was built.
Construct Films has produced a stunning time-lapse video of the God's Own County garden which has been created for the worldfamous show, which opens today.
Some scientists have turned to time-lapse photography to solve this problem, and one research team has been placing automated time-lapse imaging stations in various locations and connecting the images captured by the cameras to data taken from nearby weather stations to answer climate questions.

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