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see kettledrumkettledrum,
in music, percussion instrument consisting of a hemispherical metal vessel over which a membrane is stretched, played with soft-headed wooden drumsticks. Of ancient origin, it appeared early in Europe, probably imported from the Middle East by crusaders in the 12th
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Spicer's remarkable amateur choristers were supported by the lithe, sinewy periodplayers of the London Baroque Sinfonia, their pastel colours - vibrato-less strings, a range of eloquent oboes, dulcet flutes, chugging bassoons - punctuated with flair by three natural trumpets and rattling timpani.
- 1 Timpani klt set (instrument 5: 20 "23" 26 "29" 32 ")
Timpani: In older editions of music written through the early romantic period, timpani parts are sometimes written at other than concert pitch; in such cases, the sounding pitch may or may not be given explicitly.
He said: ``This is a cul- mi nation of my 25-year quest to bring the timpani from the back of the orchestra to the front.
The Phil's own Graham Johns and Ian Wright took centre stage for the percussion and timpani extravaganza.
One percussionist plays on four timpani and ratchet.
THE Real Filharmonia de Galicia, based in Santiago de Compostela, is recruiting in the UK for resident musicians, including nine violin tutti, three viola tutti and principal trumpet and timpani.
The Tempest (1873) has Prospero's raging storm at its core with inevitable screaming strings, terrifying piccolo, roaring brass and timpani eventually offset by calming unison cellos - all under control by Russian maestro Alexander Vedernikov.
Phil Snedecor, Matt Harding, Scott Sabo, and Kevin Gebo, trumpets; Martin Hackleman, Chandra Cervantes, Amy Horn, and Shawn Hagen, horns; Bryan Bourne, Charles Casey, Jeff Gaylord, and Paul Schultz, trombones; David Brown, tuba; Shari Rak, percussion; Joe Connell, drum set; Bill Richards, timpani; Kelly Hackleman, keyboards.
- 1 set timpani (set of four instruments : 23 "26" 29 "32" );
He has played timpani and percussion with many of the UK's leading orchestras including the Orchestra of Opera North, the Halle Orchestra, the BBC Philharmonic and the orchestra of Northern Ballet Theatre.
David Constantine, a graduate of the University of Oregon, recently won an international timpani competition in Lyon, France.