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stainer, coloring pigment, tinter

A pigment or dye which is used to impart color to paints.
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Tinter says that only about 40 of the most popular products, including skin care items and nutritional supplements, were available initially.
Proust epistolier ebauchait en effet une petite analyse du mouvement de la phrase propre a Louis de Robert, une phrase qui cree un effet de perspective et semble entrer dans les paysages qu'elle evoque ou decrit: "deux pages plus loinj'entrais dans le jardin apres avoir entendu tinter la sonnette.
Back at the flat, Rachel set the Japanese scene by painting the walls parchment paper white, using a base coat of cream acrylic eggshell, dragged over with acrylic scumble mixed with a few drops of white, yellow ochre and burnt umber paint tinters, to get a 'Rich Tea' biscuit colour, and finished off with a coat of matt varnish.
Nearby live a country-club maintenance worker, a metal-plating supervisor, a homicide detective, and a window tinter. But across the street live a recently released mental patient--a flour-pale young woman--and her heroin-addict brother, who conduct perpetual yard sales for money; next to them are two redheaded women who, we've heard, deal small-time in powdered substances.
Tinter, "Vocal Dosimetry: A Graduate Level Voice Pedagogy Course Experience," Journal of Singing 69, no.
In addition, the company high-lighted its waxes, light stabilizers, and flame retardants including Easily Dispersible (ED) pigments and new Hostatint[R] TS tinter colorants; Ceridust[R] and Licocene[R] waxes; Hostavin[R] dispersion light stabilizer and Exolit[R] AP flame retardant additives; and the new Dispersogen[R] multifunctional agent for universal pigment dispersion.
Goals from Oliver Ingham (2) and Jack Tinter were enough to secure a point for Lepton Highlanders on travels to Batley whose replies came from Daniel Chadwick, Kieran Illingworth and Kenny Wall.
Clare Brown and Douglas Tinter spent months planning his arrival but Douglas junior was born at only 20 weeks, weighing under 1lb and just 26cm long.
"Many of our customers buy the same products often and have asked us to help them avoid running out," says Jonathan Tinter, chief marketing officer of drugstore.com.
`Salon dyeing can easily be fitted into a lunch hour as brows and lashes are more porous than the hair on your head and soak up dye in minutes,' says celeb lash tinter Rhona Beattie.
Jo, named "best tinter on the planet" by American Vogue, has a celebrity client list that includes Camilla Parker Bowles, Caroline Aherne and Liz Hurley.
You can either colour the Artex with a paint tinter before you apply it, or wait till it dries, then paint it.