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FMD virus type "A" serotype showed 106.0 +- 0.2units of infectivity titer (Tissue culture infective dose 50-TCID50) in the stationary monolayer of BHK-21 cells in roux flask (75cm2),107.2+- 0.1units of TCID50 in roller bottles (490cm2) and 108.2 +- 0.05units of TCID50 on 0.2 g of micro-carriers suspending in 200 ml of GMEM growth medium in stirring bottle (Figure 4).
Four-week-old, female BALB/c mice were inoculated intranasally and orally with 2 x [10.sup.5] 50% tissue culture infective dose of SARS-CoV Urbani or were mock-inoculated with carrier alone.
In this case, the virus stocks ([10.sup.-4.2] 50% tissue culture infective dose) were diluted 1:400, and virus neutralization titers were checked 3 days later.
For example, no decrease was observed in a 50% tissue culture infective dose (TCI[D.sub.50]) of poliovirus samples after they were mounted on the grid and stained with 2.5 mM (1.6%) phosphotungstic acid, pH 7.0.
Twenty-five microliters of 100 tissue culture infective dose (TCI[D.sub.50]) virus was mixed with 25 [micro]L of the appropriate serum dilution and incubated for 2 h at 37[degrees]C in a C[O.sub.2] incubator, followed by the addition of 100 [micro]L of rhabdomyosarcoma cell suspension at a concentration of 2 x [10.sup.4] cells/0.1 mL.