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any of a large and varied group of mammals of the primate order. The term monkey includes all primates that do not belong to the categories human, ape, or prosimian; however, monkeys do have certain common features.
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Analysis of ancient DNA of a mysterious extinct monkey named Xenothrix -- which displays bizarre body characteristics very different to any living monkey -- has revealed that it was in fact most closely related to South America's titi monkeys (Callicebinae).
Zoo curator Julie Mansell said "Belfast has been home to red titi monkeys since 2010 when Inca and Aztec arrived from London Zoo and Blackpool Zoo as part of the collaborative breeding programme.
Vocal regulation of inter- and intragroups pacing during boundary encounters in the titi monkey, Callicebus moloch.
The adenovirus of unknown origin that recently caused an outbreak of pneumonia and hepatitis in a colony of new world titi monkeys and sickened an animal handler (5) is distant from these adenoviruses.
The use of disturbed and undisturbed forest by masked titi monkey Callicebus personatus melanochir is proportional to food availability.
THERE'S a clear tell-'tail' sign our newly arrived female Coppery titi monkey, Tilda, is already making an impression male Frank!
aACAo Caqueta titi monkey: This new species, Callicebus caquetensis, is one of about 20 species of titi monkey, which all live in the Amazon basin.
But, on 14 May 2009, a healthy adult male titi monkey, a small, reddish-brown species that calls much of South America home-came down with a cough at the Davis primate center and soon became lethargic and wouldn't eat.
The rare red titi monkey is 3ins long and weighed 'oz at birth.
A taxonomic review of the titi monkey, genus Callicebus Thomas.
LOWER Primates sta at Dudley Zoo are taking a softly-softly approach with newly-arrived titi monkey Ross by cooking his veg to make it easier to eat.