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sport of coasting down snowy hillsides or chutes on a toboggan, a flat-bottomed vehicle made of hard wood. The toboggan, typically measuring 1.5 ft by 6–8 ft (.46 m by 1.8–2.4 m), is curled up at the front end to allow it to slide over irregularities of surface. The bottom is waxed, and sometimes very low, broad steel runners are added to facilitate speed. The toboggan is a development of the simple bark-and-skin runnerless sled of the Native Americans. Steering is accomplished by shifting weight and the use of trailing feet. At winter-sports resorts special iced slides or chutes are constructed with elevated sides to eliminate the need for steering. Tobogganing is the forerunner of bobsleddingbobsledding,
winter sport in which a bobsled—a partially enclosed vehicle with steerable sledlike runners, accommodating two or four persons—hurtles down a course of iced, steeply banked, twisting inclines.
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. See also lugeluge
, a type of small sled on which one or two persons, lying face up, slide feet first down snowy hillsides or down steeply banked, curving, iced chutes similar to those used in bobsledding.
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; skeletonskeleton,
in winter sports, a type of small, very low, steel-frame sled on which one person, lying face down, slides headfirst down snowy hillsides or down steeply banked, curving, iced chutes similar to those used in luge and bobsledding.
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; sledsled,
vehicle that moves by sliding. A sledge is typically a heavier, load-carrying sled drawn by a horse or dog, while a sleigh is a partially enclosed horse-drawn vehicle with runners that has seats for passengers.
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Another recommendable tobogganing spot is in the middle of Kurpark Oberlaa, not far from Vienna's most popular thermae and spa 'Therme Wien'.
Then the officers advised: "Have snowball fights, build a snowman or do some tobogganing." But coppers from nearby Thames Valley Police have been officially rebuked for tobogganing.
George, and Farringdon Park in the Belholme Crescent area for tobogganing. Outdoor skaters can head to the Syl Apps Community Centre, Optimist Park, and Axton Park in Paris; Sunnyhill Park in St.
Canadians are still crazy for tobogganing. Some of us use traditional toboggans, like those of the past.
The pounds 26.95 toddlers' Breakfast with Santa includes a 30-minute tobogganing session, a picture taken with Santa on the slope, followed by a light snack and a special gift.
The tourism agency plans to offer "corporate team-building activities" such as tobogganing, museum visits, and wine tasting in the royal cellars.
"And Canadians across the country loved him." Even when he was dying, and he knew it, he carried on, turning up to an annual skating and tobogganing party at Rideau Hall in 1967 on a toboggan and wearing a toque.
Devin swam, bowled, fished, camped, played hockey, and even went tobogganing.
When the new girl bear next door invites Ludovic to go tobogganing, he tries to slip away even though he's been told he's too little.
I would really like you to take me tobogganing one day after school," said Mrs.
Tobogganing But then it was back out into the chill again to enjoy the other ice activities on offer, including ice fishing, tandem skiing and tobogganing.
It's a magnet for everyone who enjoys a spot of tobogganing to take advantage of an inch of snow.