toe piece

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ledger, 2
ledger, 1
1. In formwork, a horizontal member which is supported by hangers or by upright posts and carries joists.
2. A horizontal member which is housed in the studs of balloon framing and carries joists.
3. In scaffolding, one of the horizontal members fastened to uprights which support the put-logs and which are at right angles to the wall; they carry the boards on which the workmen stand.
4. A flat slab of stone, such as that laid horizontally over a grave.
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While Craig put the lineup signs away, Fatty rummaged through the shelves at the back of the office, looking for a replacement toe piece for the binding.
This tool was used to stretch the toe part of a shoe, although apparently the wooden toe pieces are missing.
The three sheets of sandpaper that come with it have detachable extra toe pieces, since that is the part which wears out fastest as a result of coming into contact most with the surface to be sanded.