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1. a garment worn by citizens of ancient Rome, consisting of a piece of cloth draped around the body
2. the official vestment of certain offices



an outer garment worn by citizens of ancient Rome. A type of robe, the toga was usually made of white wool; the togas of equites (knights) and senators were decorated with a purple border. The all-white toga candida was worn by those seeking public office (hence the word “candidate”).

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And to think that our own granddaughter had herself photographed in toga shortly before the start of the rites together with her parents!
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If his Petrarchan sonnets and his canzoni may be considered to have secondary value and only minor relevance in the history of Italian literature, certainly the verses of Capitolo contro il portar la toga and the sharp pages on Torquato Tasso remain among his most provocative works.
A member of the brotherhood expressed good wishes to Nelson Mandela and made the comparison himself," Toga said.
The famous Greek/Roman theme toga parties are synonymous with fun and the wearing of the toga is expected.
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