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Ayala's experimental artwork often influences the commercial side of the house; for example, Tokonoma's shades were produced by Rapa's felting process.
SHOWING AT GALLERY TOKONOMA FROM 17 OCTOber until 14 November was an exhibition of ceramics by Michaela Kloeckner titled Ooh La Lacy Legs.
Shiki's published poem uses the term ''Tokonoma-no'' instead of ''Kakemono-no.'' Tokonoma is a type of Japanese room where artwork is displayed, while kakemono refers to scroll pictures.
And in one corner is a tokonoma, an alcove where a flower arrangement or a hanging scroll is meant to be placed.
He based the niche on the Japanese alcove known as a tokonoma. This artfully lit space in a Japanese home draws attention to a piece of art, arrangement of flowers, or other valued possession.
Traditionally, Japanese designs are placed in what is called the tokonoma, an alcove in a home in which a flower arrangement, a hanging scroll, and other art is displayed (see Figure 16-7).
Fujimori has not only guided the making of it to an extreme degree, but has, in fact, built parts of it with his own hands, the most prominent of his pieces is certainly the set of shelves in the main room, which act as a tokonoma and are always graced with a vase.
Calligraphy of a Poem is mounted as a hanging scroll and may have been placed in the tokonoma (toe' koe no ma), a special alcove in a house set aside for the display of hanging scrolls and other art objects.