toll road

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toll road:

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road paid for partly or wholly by fees collected from travelers at tollgates. It derives its name from the hinged bar that prevented passage through such a gate until the toll was paid. See also road.
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Waskita Karya, a state-run construction company, is working on the construction of this first toll road ever in Bali, the Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Benoa toll road worth 1,5 trilion Indonesian Rupiah.
Now, as TCA's existing toll roads have failed to perform as promised and sharply declining revenues raise the possibility of a default, the toll road agencies are turning to taxpayers to pay off existing private bondholders and have the public assume a substantial portion of the risk of the toll roads' failure," added Goldstein.
In Orange County, four lanes of eight-lane Highway 91 are operated as a toll road along a 10-mile section.
Fitch says after 13 years of continued growth, toll roads exhibited a significant reversal in their performance last year, with traffic volume and toll revenues recording substantial declines.
In September, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, which coordinates transportation planning for the region, held a public meeting in Rockwall to discuss long-term transportation options including the private toll road.
Testimony focused on how the toll road fails to meet the Commerce Department's specific criteria to overturn the California Coastal Commission's Feb.
Questions unanswered include: what are the pollution levels now, before the toll road opens?
To ensure that the toll roads don't get jammed with too many motorists, the price would be constantly monitored and adjusted with traffic flow - spiking when demand is too high, dropping when demand is low.
Eads, Central Parking's President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "We have enjoyed working with the Toll Roads for the past six years and are looking forward to creating continued financial value through our services in the years to come.
In the new platform, Republican delegates removed a provision backing "the legitimate construction of toll roads in Texas" and replaced it with language opposing some aspects of toll projects in Texas, particularly the use of public money to subsidize private entities.
Rp2 Trillion has been apportioned by the government from the State Budget to finance an early stage of Trans Sumatra toll road construction that will link all provinces in Sumatra island.