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Brundyche, on the other hand, wears 'A therde-bare gowne and a rent hose' (l 570) and, whether lodging in coal shed or tollhouse temporarily or permanently, lives in modest means.
The police statement came after father Ian Graham, 38, from West Bromwich, told the Birmingham Mail of his terror at being confronted by a driver wielding a knife as he drove his children - the youngest aged just six months - in Tollhouse Way on Sunday.
Tollhouse Road is expected to remain closed while crash reconstruction experts examine the scene.
Many other world-famous brands will be shortly joining McDonald's in the mall, including Carrefour, City Cinema, Nestle Tollhouse, The Body Shop, as well as a selection of major regional and local brands, offering visitors and residents of Salalah a completely new mall experience.
on the National Road once served by stagecoach operators like James Reeside, is a typical example of an early tollhouse.
These include the Museum of the Gorge as well as China, Jackfield Tile, Iron & The Old Furnace, The Iron Bridge & Tollhouse, Darby House, Broseley Pipeworks and Tar Tunnel museums.
with a presence already booked at the Mall include French retailing giant Carrefour, Nestle Tollhouse, natural fair trade beauty products firm AaeThe Body ShopAAE, in
Beside the three-screen multiplex facility, the shopping complex features a retail area leased to brands such as Carrefour, Nestle Tollhouse, The Body Shop, as well as a food court, casual dining area, cafes, traditional souk, and hypermarket.
The tollhouse consists of sitting room/bedroom, bathroom and possibility of small kitchen.
The former farm house and tollhouse annexe could offer a useful source of extra income, both of them enjoying a degree of privacy from the main house.
But if you'd asked for the White Door you would have been instantly pointed in the right direction - over the bridge at the end of Hollowgate and it's facing you on Huddersfield Road opposite the Tollhouse.