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(also body section roentgenography or sectional radiography), a technique of roentgenological study that is used to produce a photograph of a layer lying at a specific depth in the object under study.

Ordinary roentgenography results in the production on film of an overall image, from which it is not always possible to determine the true shape and size of a formation or the depth at which it lies. The production of a roentgenogram of a single layer is based on the movement of two of the three components (the X-ray tube, the X-ray film, and the object of study). In the most common technique, the patient is motionless, and the X-ray tube and film magazine move around him in opposite directions. The use of tomography makes possible the study of the trachea, the bronchi, and the blood vessels and the detection of infiltrates and cavities of the lungs, calculi in the kidney, gallbladder, and bile ducts, and tumors in the adrenals and urinary system. The combined use of X-ray contrast media and tomography (sectional bronchography, urography, and so on) is highly effective.


Gladysz, B. Tomografiia v klinicheskoi praktike. Warsaw, 1965. (Translated from Polish.)



An X-ray technique that shows a single plane (slice) of the object under examination, typically a part of the human body. See CAT scan.
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c) Sagitalni T2wFS tomogram levog zgloba kolena prikazuje minimalnu kostanu impakciju u nivou posteriornog ruba lateralnog platoa tibije (strelica)
If the tomograms cannot be used, in the present state, for directly assessing the structural safety of the tested specimen, they provide essential information for guiding further investigation.
The researchers then used the velocity tomogram to obtain an image of the reflected (echoed) wave arrivals.
Mesh velocity of tomogram are results from solving the slowness vector, P from observation travel time matrix, T and path length, D.
Abbreviations WHO: World Health Organization HIC: High income country LMIC: Low and middle income country MPNST: Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor CTScan: Computerized tomogram of scan QoL: Quality of life AIDS: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome HRQoL: Health-related quality of life.
The image in each measuring point is displayed as coloured tomogram J (described on the basis of Samokrutov and Shevaldykin (2011)) using Eqn (1):
This approach allows for patterns and trends in EMG characteristics to effectively and consistently map out patterns of physical activity, generating a "signature" for the activity, which can be likened to a "tomogram" of electrical activity.
Histological aggressiveness of fluorodeoxyglucose positron-emission tomogram (FDG-PET)-detected incidental thyroid carcinomas.
We failed to detect any other focus of TB as his chest X-ray (Figure 3) and abdominal computerized tomogram came out normal.
As the scanning beam moves along the retina, many A-scans are acquired, which form the tomogram, that is a B-scan (Figure 1).
Every patient underwent abdominal ultrasonography and contrast enhanced computerized tomogram (CECT) for proper preoperative staging.
A 82 year old man was referred to our hospital with computed tomogram (CT) scan showing a hypodense lesion in the pancreas.