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a circular painting or relief. Often the term “tondo” is used to describe only the circular representations of the Madonna and Child characteristic of Italian Renaissance art of the Florentine school from the mid-15th to the early 16th century.


Hauptmann, M. Der Tondo. Frankfurt am Main, 1936.


A circular plaque or medallion.
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It will be a homeless Christmas for some 100 families whose houses were razed by a fire early yesterday morning in a residential area in Tondo.
In his earlier affidavit filed with the police, Solano claimed that he found Castillo dumped on the pavement in Balut, Tondo and brought him to the Chinese General Hospital.
The suspects, Marvin Austria, 18, a resident of Temporary Housing in Tondo and Christopher Saradaga, 18, also of temporary housing in Tondo were arrested by policemen through a follow-up operation Wednesday night.
I chose a unit at 8990's Urban Deca Manila in Tondo because it is easy to acquire.
Formentera was one of the police officers guarding the slaughterhouse in Vitas, Tondo when two men arrived and started teasing the lawmen with a flashlight.
A married couple, suspected to be drug peddlers, spent Valentine's Day behind bars following their arrest in a buy-bust operation Tuesday in Tondo, Manila.
You see, Tondo has such a tightly knit community and the people who grew up there prefer to stay there.
Tondo, a residential-industrial area in the northwest portion of the densely populated city, is known for its slums near a former garbage dump site.
Under the JVA, R-II will reclaim 50 more hectares of Manila Bay to expand the existing 79-hectare Manila North Harbour Centre, popularly known as North Harbor, in Tondo.
On my trip to the landfill site known as Smokey Mountain in Tondo, I visited a small shanty hut belonging to Judith, the little girl that Pentlands sponsors.
Other results: Next Calling Card bt Buraots 46-38; DHL/Chevron 'B' bt Al Ghalia 'B' 66-60; Blizzard bt Japan AE 54-48; Jullen's Restaurant bt Tondo Boys 69-37; Al Ghalia 'A' bt Western Union 'A' 106-60; Hackers bt Crescent 53-44; O2MC Hungry Hamours bt Mang Gurio 'A' bt 89-44; BPC 'B' bt Al Safir 57-41; Friends bt i-Remit 42-32; Dota bt Elite 51-31; Mang Gurio 'B' bt Intensity 64-61; Powerhorse bt Fil-Am Arym Land 60-48.
of California-Berkeley, has taken the tondo painted by Michelangelo in 1504, and analyzed it thoroughly.