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a circular painting or relief. Often the term “tondo” is used to describe only the circular representations of the Madonna and Child characteristic of Italian Renaissance art of the Florentine school from the mid-15th to the early 16th century.


Hauptmann, M. Der Tondo. Frankfurt am Main, 1936.


A circular plaque or medallion.
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And with their rapid sequences of outlines, three large tondos (all untitled, 1999) accentuate a quasi-Futuristic sense of motion in the manner of Balla, or, better yet, of Anton Giulio Bragaglia, the Futurist photographer of figures in motion.
Most strikingly, she hollows out her large tondos (almost 50 inches in diameter), in such a way that their painterly surfaces--encrusted with webs of floral and animal forms, ribbons, heraldic motifs, and, in some cases, vague remnants of text--become chunky frames circumscribing central voids.