Tone Arm

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Tone Arm


a component of the sound pickup that holds the pickup head and makes possible movement of the head from the edge of a phonograph record to its center.

A tone arm is usually a hollow metal rod. The pickup head is mounted on one end of the rod; the other end is equipped with a stalk that is used to rotate the tone arm in the vertical and horizontal planes and a counterweight that is used to adjust the pressure exerted by the pickup on the record groove. A special device ensures the smooth lowering of the pickup head onto the record.


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Moreover, as you'll read from the listening results below, the differences in overall presentation and sound quality between the Beogram table/tone arm/cartridge and the Rotel table/tone arm/cartridge were dramatic, inviting the notion of switching tone arms and/or cartridges to get some idea of where the differences originated.
The bulk of the RP-955 comes factory assembled, with the exception of the belt, turntable platter, platter mat, tone arm counterweight, and dust cover.
The tracking force counter-weight screws on to the rear end of the tone arm.
Choose your speed (45 or 33-1/3 rpm -- a button on top of the chassis assembly toggles between the two), depress the power button to start the platter rotating, gently lift the tone arm so the stylus hovers over the dead space at the LP's extreme, and lower the tone arm using the cueing lever.
Second, you the consumer, if you're in the market for an affordable turntable including tone arm and cartridge, are going to purchase the complete package, and we should review what you would purchase.