Tone Arm

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Tone Arm


a component of the sound pickup that holds the pickup head and makes possible movement of the head from the edge of a phonograph record to its center.

A tone arm is usually a hollow metal rod. The pickup head is mounted on one end of the rod; the other end is equipped with a stalk that is used to rotate the tone arm in the vertical and horizontal planes and a counterweight that is used to adjust the pressure exerted by the pickup on the record groove. A special device ensures the smooth lowering of the pickup head onto the record.


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Some would say that the table itself is the primary determinant in vinyl sound quality with tone arms and cartridges running a close place and show.
Moreover, as you'll read from the listening results below, the differences in overall presentation and sound quality between the Beogram table/tone arm/cartridge and the Rotel table/tone arm/cartridge were dramatic, inviting the notion of switching tone arms and/or cartridges to get some idea of where the differences originated.
The bulk of the RP-955 comes factory assembled, with the exception of the belt, turntable platter, platter mat, tone arm counterweight, and dust cover.
The tracking force counter-weight screws on to the rear end of the tone arm.