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tone poem:

see symphonic poemsymphonic poem,
type of orchestral composition created by Liszt, also called tone poem. Discarding classical principles of form, it begins with a poetic or other literary inspiration.
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Also included are the tone poems Pohjola's Daughter and The Oceanides, as well as the Romance for Strings, Op.
The tone poem 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' was composed in 1986 and has moments of rise and falls as depicted by Strauss through the use of pitch rhythm.
The program's most ambitious work is the Grand Sonata for alto saxophone and piano, a three-movement work that acts almost as a tone poem documenting a great emotional struggle in the first two movements, before resolution is achieved in the third, at which point a set of elegant thematic variations ensues.
Jennifer Higdon's short tone poem "blue cathedral," with which the Eugene Symphony will kick off its Tchaikovsky evening next week, is the most performed piece of new orchestral music in the United States.
Feld's Etoile Polaire, a solo to Philip Glass for apprentice Kaitlyn Gilliland, was more a tone poem than a full-fledged ballet.
Famed photographer Bruce Weber's tone poem on his love of dogs typically jumps all over the map to cover Dirk Bogarde, Elizabeth Taylor, and 9/11.
More a tone poem than a drama, Defile in Veil is nonetheless dramatic in its expression of the relationship between the interior and the exterior of its solitary protagonist.
It starts at 11am and offers the Chacony in G minor by Purcell, Fratres by the contemporary Estonian composer Arvo Pert, the Sibelius tone poem Rakastava and Mozart's Divertimento in D major.
Elephant succeeds not as an act of analysis but as an act of mourning, a tone poem of grief in which the American high school--that locus of adolescent anguish and repression in so many movies--is transformed into a kind of holy site, suffused with a beauty that belongs only to youth.
Of literary interest, too, are a tone poem for orchestra, Moby Dick (1928); an opera, White Wings (1935), based on Philip Barry's play; an operetta, The Headless Horseman (1936); and Giants in the Earth (1951), an opera based on O.
Debussy 's orchestral tone poem Prelude a l ' apres - midi d'un faune (Prelude to Afternoon of a Faun, 1892) became the firm foundation of the composer's fame.
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