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(design engineering)
Any of various devices for holding, handling, or lifting materials and consisting of two legs joined eccentrically by a pivot or spring.



a tool in the form of lever pincers for clamping or securing materials or goods while working on them. There are joiners’, blacksmiths’, electricians’, and other types of tongs. Blacksmiths’ lever tongs appeared at the beginning of the Iron Age. They were probably preceded by pincer-like tongs used by metal-makers in the Bronze Age (for example, in Egypt). The specialization of the blacksmiths’ trade led to the appearance of specialized tongs, including ones with specially shaped jaws.

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Tong Tong was foolish to attempt suicide, if he dies or is badly injured, he would leave his family in a worse financial state.
In view of Tong Tong's long service with the company and his financial problems, he was offered a maximum retrenchment compensation of 10 months' salary.
Patent tong data are absolute density data (numbers of oysters per unit area).
Patent tong surveys use a stratified random sampling design with historical reefs (Baylor 1894, Haven et al.
Armed with bricks and switchblades, Bobby and his friends find themselves engaged in increasingly violent scuffles with the Tongs.
With 72 percent of survey respondents in agreement that grilling well requires the right tools - PAM for Grilling has earned its spot next to the spatula and tongs.
The sterling tongs were reproduced from a master pattern in the Dingeldein collection of silver that belonged to the organization.
And as tongs and spatulas fly, the PAM for Grilling team will be on hand to ensure a "clean" competition - with an ample supply of PAM for Grilling No-stick Cooking Spray.
The plan calls for China Tie Tong to install Jinan Yinquan VoIP products where Tie Tong networks are not available.