tongue-and-groove boards

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Descriptive of brick, lumber, or stone which has been prepared, shaped, or finished by cutting, planing, rubbing, or sanding one or more of its faces.

dressed and matched boards, D and M boards, dressed and matched lumber, planed matchboards, tongue-and-groove boards

dressed and matched boards
Boards or lumber that has been planed smooth; cut so that a tongue along one edge fits into a groove cut along the edge of the adjacent piece.
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THREE Attach the first tongue-and-groove board with the groove side butting into the corner, and then nail each side.
Glue and nail tongue-and-groove boards to it to form the cabinet back.
Traditional beaded tongue-and-groove boards like the ones shown have always been a popular choice.
A power miter box simplifies cutting the tongue-and-groove boards to length and mitering the moldings and shelves.
Start your wainscoting project by replacing your door and window trim with the same species of wood as your tongue-and-groove boards. If you'll be matching the finish color of the wainscot to the existing trim, you may get by with just adding the outside corner piece (Photo 2).
Construction adhesive and a pneumatic trim nailer make installing the tongue-and-groove boards a breeze
Figure out approximately how many full-length tongue-and-groove boards you'll need and cut them 59-3/4 in.
* For a professional-looking job, when butting ends of tongue-and-groove boards together, create a V-groove where they meet (Photo 7).