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The membrane surrounding a plant-cell vacuole.
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the membrane that surrounds a cell vacuole, similar in structure to the membranes of the endoplasmic network. Tonoplasts have selective permeability and the capacity for active transport of ions.

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According to the phylogenetic analysis of Johanson and Gustavsson [18], plant aquaporins are classified into four main subfamilies, widely distributed among higher plants: PIPs (plasma membrane intrinsic proteins), TIPs (tonoplast intrinsic proteins), SIPs (small basic intrinsic proteins), and NIPs (26 kDa intrinsic proteins).
Mesophyll cells from both 2x[O.sub.3] - and 2x[O.sub.3]+C[O.sub.2]-treated leaves had disrupted tonoplasts and deteriorated cytoplasm compared with the CF treatment.
The tonoplast [Na.sup.+]/[H.sup.+] antiporter NHXI gene is induced by both salinity and ABA in Arabidopsis (Shi and Zhu, 2002) and rice (Fukuda et al., 1999).