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(tŏn`shər) [Lat.,=to shave], formerly, practice in some Christian churches of cutting some of the hair from the scalp of clerics. In the West the tonsure consisted of a circular patch on the crown of the head from which the hair was kept cut; some tonsures kept the entire head shaved above the ears, and some retained a broad band of hair around the head. Different religious orders had different tonsures. In the 6th and 7th cent. one of the outstanding questions between the Celtic use and the Roman use was the tonsure, which the Celts made by cutting the hair off the front part of the head. The Roman Catholic Church abolished the practice of tonsure in 1972. See orders, holyorders, holy
[Lat. ordo,=rank], in Christianity, the traditional degrees of the clergy, conferred by the Sacrament of Holy Order. The episcopacy, priesthood or presbyterate, and diaconate were in general use in Christian churches in the 2d cent.
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a church ritual in Christianity. The rite of tonsure is performed upon admission into the clerical or monastic state. It was adopted from the custom of cropping the hair of slaves in Rome and Greece and symbolizes “enslavement to god.”

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Thereafter, the Stage Manager makes an announcement: that he has been decreed by king Bhupatindramalladeva to perform the play Parsuramopakhyana in order to amuse and entertain the royal invitees from various lands on the occasion of the tonsure ceremony of the prince.
Balding men used to be happy to walk around with a tonsure, that ring doughnut of monkish hair.
In addition, online contacts between colleges and Secretariat have been enhanced and the monitoring system has been made more effective tonsure attendance of teachers in colleges.
It reminded me of Johnny Wood at school who had a tonsure type hair style with hair growing all around his ostrich egg shaped bald bit.
During the first three years after his tonsure he had lived in an isolated cell in the woods and saw only his supervisor-elder and his sister, who visited him once a year, and the brethren in the church, with which, however, he had no connection.
We would either say that s/he is neither of them or we would rather say that s/he has thin hair, thinning hair, has a Roman tonsure, is balding, or is partially bald.
Because the sequence of novels proceeds steadily in a progressive tension, those works do not allow Ellis Peters to explain how and why Cadfael accepted the tonsure.
His latest snip of news came as he tidied up my tonsure at the back.
Seward thinks that Savonarola's favorite target, the tiepidi, or lukewarm Christians, were a political party, that at age thirty he had long curly hair to his shoulders (although by this time the friar had been wearing the tonsure for some seven years) that the Florentine institution called the Parlamento (not parliamento) was a body that "debated motions" (93), that Vincenzo Bandelli, Savonarola's former teacher, prior, and later bitter enemy, was "an old Dominican friend" of the friar (188), that the sixteenth-century writer known as pseudo-Burlamacchi had been his intimate, and so on.
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