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In Witchcraft, a salute is the term used for a ritual kiss. Witches acknowledge that hugging and kissing are a natural part of life for humans who are close to one another, as coven members are.

There are certain ritual kisses known variously as the "three-fold salute," the "five-fold salute," and the "eight-fold salute." The three-fold salute traces the outline of a triangle and is done on mouth, breast, breast, back to mouth (to close the figure). The five-fold salute describes a pentagram and is genitals, right foot, left knee, right knee, right foot, genitals. The eight-fold salute is both of these salutes, one after the other. In some Wiccan traditions there is an inverted three-fold salute, which is genitals, breast, breast, genitals. Kissing these parts of the person is an acknowledgement of the sacredness of his or her body and of life. It is also an honoring of the God or Goddess within every person.

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a solemn form of greeting or the payment of respect by means of artillery or rifle salvos, flags, and so forth as provided for by special regulations. A salute is used to mark important events (for instance, an artillery salute in Moscow and other cities of the USSR on national holidays), during military parades, and at funerals of servicemen and state officials.

International conventions and the internal regulations of the naval powers provide for a salute as a form of rendering naval honors. An exchange of salutes usually takes place when warships (above a specified water displacement) visit ports that have coast batteries, which return the salute. A salute of nations—21 guns—is rendered (simultaneously with the hoisting of the flag of the state) by a foreign warship that arrives in the territorial waters of another state. If the head of state, the ambassador, or some other high official is on board the ship, the fort salutes first.

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An emotional Coun Anita Ward took the salute from all five regiments of the Foot Guards - including the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, of which son Vince Hockley is a member.
At Indian School Darsait the ambassador took the salute of the march past contingents led by the head boy, Pranov R Krishnan, followed by the flag bearer Sania Noor, the sports captain.
The Commodore came down and took the salute. You should have seen them - they actually swell with pride."
Major General Graham Binns, General Officer Commanding 1 (UK) Armoured Division, took the salute before a fly past by two Hawk fast jets and two Lynx helicopters.
The Blues and Royals led the Cavalry Memorial Parade in Hyde Park and the Prince of Wales took the salute as five bands and the detachments from the Cavalry and Yeomanry passed by.
The Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Gill Bird, took the salute in the grounds of Cardiff Castle.
Then he took the salute at a march-past with Old Phil, while the Prime Minister stood at the back.
The ship's company was led by the HM Royal Marines Band Scotland from the Guild Hall to Grey's Monument where Commander Jeremy Blundon and Lord Mayor Coun George Douglas took the salute.
The Queen, wearing an ultra-marine coloured dress and matching hat with a white brim, took the salute and reviewed her immaculate troops as the Colours - a regimental flag - of the Grenadier guards was paraded in a proud ceremony dating back to 1748.
She was on her feet for nearly 15 minutes as she took the salute of the Scots Guards marching past, with the Band of the Grenadier Guards playing "Happy Birthday".
Guardsmen had to splash through several inches of water, soaked to their bearskins, as the Queen bravely took the salute in her open carriage.
COMMANDER COLLINS took the salute at desperate Doncaster yesterday as he sealed jockey Jimmy Fortune's march into the big time by landing the pounds 97,900 Racing Post Trophy.

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