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A box to hold tools.
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A row or column of on-screen buttons used to activate functions or change modes in an application. Many toolbars are customizable, letting users add and delete buttons as required. Toolbars may be fixed in position or float around the screen. For example, floating toolbars are common in graphics applications so they can be moved into the canvas area near the objects being worked on. See tool palette, taskbar, tool and toolkit.

Real Tools!
Most toolbar buttons display only icons such as these from VTEL's videoconferencing software. Some toolbars include text descriptions.

A Very Innovative Toolbar
The 2016 line of MacBook Pro laptops introduced an extremely useful touchscreen toolbar in place of physical function keys. Each application can display its most important functions for the entire app or change functions based on the process that is running. See MacBook. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)


A single utility program, a set of software routines or a complete integrated set of software utilities that are used to develop and maintain applications and databases. There are toolkits for developing almost anything. See tool, developer's toolkit, library, class library and CASE.

A Whole Lot of Tools
This logo is used for Red Gate Software's family of database utilities. The toolkit/toolbox metaphor is widely used by software vendors. (Image courtesy of Red Gate Software Ltd.,

Sometimes You Need a Real Tool!
Two-pound hammers are not part of a software toolkit; however, years ago, in order to debug the Windows version of this encyclopedia, the text had to be scrolled until it crashed. Rather than press the mouse button for several minutes, the weight of the hammer did the job. Were more sophisticated methods available? Sure. But this was the quick way.
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For more than 20 years, Technical Toolboxes has been a leading software provider supporting midstream engineering needs.
Adrian Met, CEO, Metegrity, said, The synergy between Technical Toolboxes and Metegrity drives the digitization of construction and engineering data.
Technical Toolboxes is an industry leader in pipeline software, online resources and technical training for the midstream energy industry.
This contribution is focused mainly on brief presentation of four existing Matlab and Simulink toolboxes for fractional order control which are intended to conveniently assist a user with such kind of analysis and synthesis problems (Matugsu, 201la; Matusu, 201lb).
Students can keep their "toolboxes" under their desks or in their individual cubby holes.
This comprehensive documentation is not currently available using MATLAB independently, or in combination with other specialist toolboxes.
The following morning, more detachment personnel did a tool inventory before breaking for lunch and discovered that a flashlight was missing from one of the toolboxes. After they unsuccessfully searched for the missing flashlight, QA was notified of the missing tool, and all aircraft were recalled.
Plastic toolboxes are available in a number of styles.
These toolboxes can communicate with industry-standard DAQ boards, including those from National Instruments, Agilent Technologies, and ComputerBoards.
In addition, Release 12 includes several new and updated MATLAB application toolboxes for data acquisition, maths and analysis.
Technical Toolboxes has expanded its well-known Pipeline Toolbox software to include SI/Metric units for the international pipeline industry.