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"Our stock packages come in a variety of sizes, have a reasonable minimum order quantity and are ready for production--meaning no tooling time or costs associated," Tarangioli says, pointing out how attractive this prospect is to brands.
Because the company moves so fast in product development, a few past components that might have been perfect for diecasting ended up as extrusions or fabrications because of the long tooling time associated with diecasting.
The study also concluded that use of HD Grid-Lok reduces tooling time during product changeover and eliminates custom-dedicated tooling in certain applications.
Next, a rapid tooling process cut tooling time from 26 weeks to four weeks, and also resulted in significant improvements in die life.
The challenge was to reduce tooling time and the number of tools required from two to one.
Although the Fractional Tooling service is project-specific, the company reports its customers save as much as 35% of the cost of the mold and cut tooling time in hale Master Precision notes that those projects that fall outside the specifications of this tooling service can still be handled with conventional two-material molds.
Beside that positive side effects for the production, like the reduction of tooling time by larger lot sizes, arise.
One key reason was Piper's ability to slash tooling time by as much as 50 percent on certain tools.
Pohlman said cutting out the need for tooling reproduction reduces tooling time from 144 to 86 hours, and saves the foundry 25% of the cost per part.
One of the Syman modules is devoted to the estimating process and includes setup and run times, materials specification, quantities, tooling time, and variances for special requirements.
The companies also worked together on an internal helical ring gear character with a "very sophisticated geometry, meaning extremely long tooling times in standard production processes," says Wimmer.