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dogtooth, tooth ornament

dogtooth, 1
1. An ornament in medieval architecture and derivatives, of more or less elaborate motif, usually pyramidal with notched sides, the diagonal portions usually resembling petals or leaves which radiate from the raised point.
2. A brick laid with its corners projecting from the wall face.
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Table 1 Summary of the studies carried out and the criteria introduced Table 1 A summary of the assessment criteria introduced for websites zeithaml et al Tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, (1990) assurance,empathy Delon and quality systems, quality of information, McLean (1992) application systems, usersatisfaction, individual impact, ffectiveness of the proposed organization Beck (1997) update, updateinterval, accuracy, coverage, scope, typeofinformation Wyatt (1997) update, links toother resources, thegraphicalstructureinformation Thelwall (2000) form, user-friendliness, design quality, ease of upkeep, upgrading Huizingh (2000) leadership structure quality, possibility of being of a multimedia nature, form.
And for Lebanon in particular, FDI -- or its absence -- in the current economic cycle may have fewerimplications than for most other countries when compared toother forms of financial interactions such as remittances and foreign deposits in the banking sector.
" A key time for such a performance would be the age when children are about to make the transition from primary to secondary school, and the performance itself might include drama about whether children remember the basics of the Green Cross Code, how they are thinking about the new journey to high school, and the safest places toOther ideas for funding allocation might be for roadsafety posters, or reminders about roadsafety that are sent to parents about issues such as not parking outside school, ensuring children wear high visibility clothing when they're near roads after dark, and so on.
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hasthe toother tellmethey linesout So, like Mr Atkinson, I think the monarchy gives a stability unattainable by a politically elected president.
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Some characteristics promote differences among genotypes being, eventually, reproduced accurately during progenies and used to correlate toother interesting traits.
We are confident that Sembcorp will continue to grow from strength to strength in China, and that we would also be able to bring our expertise toother fast developing countries globally."
For experiment Genetic Algorithm was used though GA is quite old and are inferior toother newer algorithms.