top beam

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collar beam, spanpiece, sparpiece, top beam, wind beam

collar beam
A horizontal member which ties together (and stiffens) two opposite common rafters, usually at a point about halfway up the rafters in a collar beam roof.
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Measures taken: thickness of the top beam flange is 25 mm for the 1st segment, 20 mm--for the 2nd and 3rd segments, for the rest--18 mm; thickness of the bottom beam flange - 25 mm for the 1st and 2nd segments, for the 3rd one - 20 mm, for the rest--18 mm; all stiffening ribs of 14 mm thickness; the cross-sectional web thickness for 4th, 5th and 6th segments is 10 mm; opening strengthening ribs in 1st and 2nd segments are of 10 mm thickness and 100 mm width.
Racking is arranged four-high with a top beam at 8.
between that and the top beam instead of the horizontal 2x4 framing we show.
In addition, a supplemental lighting system is being installed with fixtures attached to the top beam of the west grandstand and under the roof of the east grandstand.
Since the stress of the press will be on the underside of the base and upper side of the top beam, use two nuts and a washer at each of these locations in order to distribute the pressure to as many of the threads as possible.
When placing rain curtains to drop from an arbor or gazebo, Claffey Pools makes a hollow top beam to accommodate the equipment.
The piston is fastened to the top beam through spherical surfaces, which eliminates the effect of horizontal loads during the working stroke and also makes tilted settings possible.
Special optics are used to change a Gaussian-shaped beam to a flat top beam profile at the aperture plane.
Throughout the scheme, storage is on four levels, with the top beam at 10.
The motion on the top beam of a hydraulic presses is only vertical.
Tenders are invited for Installation of Welcome Gate Comprising of Pillar on both sides and top beam of with good quality & fresh cloth cladding as per site requirement for celebrating of 350th Parkash Parv Utsav of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji