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see stupastupa
[Sanskrit,=mound], Buddhist monument in tumulus, or mound, form, often containing relics. The words tope and dagoba are synonymous, though the latter properly refers only to a Sinhalese Buddhist stupa.
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stupa, tope

stupa topped by a chattravali
A Buddhist memorial mound, erected to enshrine a relic or to commemorate a sacred site; consists of an artificial mound, raised on a platform and surrounded by an outer ambulatory with a stone railing and four gateways, crowned by a multiple sunshade.
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1. a small grey requiem shark, Galeorhinus galeus, of European coastal waters
2. any of various other small sharks
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It is interesting that amongst the earrings in the Tope Kelan deposit is a large silver hoop earring of the same type depicted on some coins of the Alchon Huns, including those of Khingila.
And while his siblings continue the search for Tope Akintade and his family, the family council has insisted that wherever he is, the family must produce him else they will force him home to take up his responsibility if indeed he has travelled out of the country.
"We don't have full clarity on the rule yet," Tope said.
She said: "Tope can reach up to 195cm in length and are fairly common in British seas although now threatened by over fishing and not often seen.
After making run after run the fish was eventually brought to the shore where Isle of Man expert Mark Quirk tailed the tope.
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Tope, 82, has been practicing law since 1949 and was described by Manhattan divorce lawyer, Robert Wallack as "the dean of the California matrimonial bar", the <em>New York Daily News</em> reported.
"State Minister for Higher Education, Rajesh Tope gave us a verbal assurance that the state government will positively consider their demands," Dr Anil Dudhbhate, general secretary, Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD), told Gulf News.
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