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see stupastupa
[Sanskrit,=mound], Buddhist monument in tumulus, or mound, form, often containing relics. The words tope and dagoba are synonymous, though the latter properly refers only to a Sinhalese Buddhist stupa.
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stupa, tope

stupa topped by a chattravali
A Buddhist memorial mound, erected to enshrine a relic or to commemorate a sacred site; consists of an artificial mound, raised on a platform and surrounded by an outer ambulatory with a stone railing and four gateways, crowned by a multiple sunshade.
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1. a small grey requiem shark, Galeorhinus galeus, of European coastal waters
2. any of various other small sharks
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Yorks ton also cannot understand why more Pars have not been involved and said: ''That's Jimmy's view and we've never really discussed it so it's down topers on a lop in ion.
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well, they might as well put up their shutters because it won't be long before this harassing government decides they are a danger to alcoholics and, therefore, out of bounds for all we moderate topers.
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