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see damaliskdamalisk
, name for African antelopes of the genus Damaliscus, closely related to the hartebeest. Damalisks are slenderly built and rather horselike in form; they are common grazing animals of the African grasslands.
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The participants, carrying banners and placards and wearing Shalwar Kameez, Sindhi Topis and Ajraks, kept dancing to folk songs as they marched on main roads towards the local press club where a drama was presented and the leaders delivered speeches, stressing the need for celebrating the culture day.
Among topi antelopes, it's the males that need convincing.
On Sunday, enthusiasts, including countless women and children, would be dressed up in new clothes and will wear ajraks and Sindhi topis (caps) as they would hold rallies in almost every city of Sindh.