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This season's topknot falls under 'anything goes', as long as it's worn off the face and high off the nape you can literally make it up as you go!
I shaved mine off four years ago, and it's taken this long to scrape it back into anything that remotely resembles a topknot. To all those with short hair or who are considering cutting off your mane: Anyone who tells you it will grow right back is lying."
Diamonds singer Rihanna displayed her shapely legs and toned arms as she walked into the multiplex, while her raven tresses were styled in a sleek topknot.
NYT Syndicate In the admittedly small taxonomy of buns, the topknot, or the high bun, is the bun that tends to hog the spotlight."Look at my hair!" it screams, perched like a papal crown.
THE BOY WITH THE TOPKNOT BBC2, 9pm SATHNAM Sanghera was born to traditional Punjabi parents and grew up in Wolverhampton - "I had a topknot until I was 14", he says.
NEW The Boy With The Topknot BBC2, 9pm DRAMA Based on the true story of Wolverhampton-Punjabi Sathnam Sanghera (Sacha Dhawan).
How to asked question DEAL WITH THE DREADED DAY TWO STEP 1: TOPKNOT IT BEFORE BED Carefully gather your hair into a high, loose topknot before bed.
The California Quail looks like a tiny chicken with a tall topknot feather.
his topknot, which was combed owlish, and the faithful on shore were
IT'S official, the ubiquitous topknot just won't cut it any more, when it comes to piling your hair up: this summer, up-dos come with an added twist.
Caption: A bushy topknot earned shrub cells, like the one in this illustration, their name.
Prois Hunting can meet her needs for winter and summer from her tootsies to her topknot in insulated, lined, tropical-weight and rainproofs in a wide variety of styles and canto patterns.