topping compound

finishing compound

A compound specifically designed to provide a smooth, level surface.
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The same lightweight joint compound you used on Day 2 will also work for your final coat on Day 3, but topping compound works better.
The reclamation building at Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, Long Island, N.Y., was completed in 1959 and featured a floor with a durable epoxy-base topping compound that had higher physical properties and greater density than concrete.
He built a form and filled it with a special cement-based "topping compound (plus lots of black colorant).
9 For smooth walls faster, finish with topping compound
Topping compound, are "soupy" and contain less adhesive than all-purpose compounds.
* Topping Compound. Designed to spread smoothly and sand easily, this stuff is meant for the last couple of coats.