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Cu(UO2)2(PO4)2·8-12H2O A green radioactive mineral crystallizing in the tetragonal system and occurring in tabular crystals or in foliated form. Also known as chalcolite; copper uranite; cuprouranite; uran-mica.
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(or copper uranite), a mineral belonging to the subclass of simple hydrous phosphates. The chemical formula is Cu(UO2)2[PO4]2·12H2O. The high-temperature variety is metatorbernite, Cu(UO2)2[PO4]2·8H2O.

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Autunite and torbernite were the only minerals found in fine specimens, although uraninite and phosphuranylite were also reported.
The latter include an attractive 2 cm torbernite plate on matrix, though no such specimen is listed by Watson and it may be one of the 6th Duke's additions.
Behind Makki was Marcus Budil's well-lit booth featuring mostly things from Brazil, including many rough and cut stones, as well as four superb, pale green specimens of torbernite from France, carefully prepared and of excellent quality.
Witness, this year, the new blue Romanian scheelite, the Spanish torbernite, the Bolivian bournonite and ferberite, the new Imperial topaz from Zambia, the lilac gem scapolite from Afghanistan ...
Pinar Canal, 24, 50007 Zaragoza, Spain) was very well stocked this year, as last year, with interesting things (see later under torbernite).
So, his display featured classic and really choice miniature specimens of copper species: torbernite, chalcocite, bornite and more from that famous copper-tin locality, Cornwall.
I am no different: my own distant drummer marched me to this fabled land, where fabulous specimens of malachite, carrollite, torbernite and cuprosklodowskite abound.
Associated minerals are: orthoclase, chalcocite, covellite, pseudomalachite, chalcosiderite/turquoise, ulrichite, libethenite, torbernite and iodargyrite.
There were still some groups of the excellent torbernite from Margabal, rich green crystals with black borders, and here and there an old-fashioned bournonite from Les Malines.
A "greenish uranium mica" thought to be torbernite from the Ross Hannibal mine was described by Irving (1904), Smith (1896) and Ziegler (1914), all of whom were cited by Roberts and Rapp in their Mineralogy of the Black Hills (1965); the latter authors described it as "bright grass-green torbernite." This "torbernite" must have been correctly identified as sincosite by the early 1970's, since sincosite is listed in the first Encyclopedia of Minerals by Robert, Rapp and Weber (1974).
Torbernite Cu[(U[O.sub.2]).sub.2][(P[O.sub.4]).sub.2][multiplied by]8-12[H.sub.2]O
Back in Wayne Thompson's room again, we were wishing that we lived in France, because then we'd be closer to where the world-class pink fluorite and the superb torbernite specimens brought in this year came from.