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1. An indirect floor lamp which sends all or nearly all of its light upward.
2. An ornamental support for a flambeau or other source of light.
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GEMS Warkworth Sands by James Whitelaw Hamilton and right, a Blackamoor torchere
Souter does both in his own home: for a sitting area (pictured at bottom left), he uses an adjustable task lamp called a pharmacy lamp, and an up light on a tall base called a torchere. Both are on dimmers for maximum flexibility in adjusting ambient and task-oriented light levels.
Down lights in the kitchen, a torchere beside the sofa, and a standing lamp near the bay windows provide balanced light.
To either side, a pair of 1930s French torcheres attributed to Louis Sue in front of antique mirror panels "restores the room's original symmetry."
En fait, l'eradication de l'immense bidonville d'Erremli ou vivent un peu plus de 1.000 familles, qui va jusqu'a la raffinerie de Sidi R'zine et ses torcheres, ouvrira la voie a la realisation de la grande deviation routiere, un immense pont, qui fera la jonction entre oued Ouchayeh et l'autoroute Est-Ouest (vers Oran et Constantine) au niveau de la commune de Baraki.
An unparalleled suite of tables, torcheres and gueridons, produced over the course of 15 years in a joint venture between Parisian silversmiths and the Gobelins manufactory, was turned into currency to support the War of the League of Augsburg (1688-97).
Sconces and torcheres beam light up or down to cast a flattering, sultry glow.
Surpris de ce luxe si deplace en pareil lieu, Tressignies fit plus attention a ces torcheres, d'un style presque grandiose, qu'une puissante main d'artiste avait tordues, qu'a la carte et au nom de la femme, qu'il n'avait pas besoin de savoir, puisqu'il l'accompagnait.
Highlights include an Italian bronze bust of Dionysus (inset, pounds 20,000-pounds 30,000) and a stunning pair of Regency bronze and ormolu three-light torcheres (pounds 30,000-pounds 50,000).
The plaster palm tree torcheres. The sideboard supported by giant fish.
Frankly, I've always fancied the gilt neoclassical torcheres which once graced the Danish court interiors in Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet and what party guest would ever forget drinking a good wine from the Pompeiian goblets used in Gladiator?
Aalto and his wife Elissa designed every detail, including a buffet table that echoes the profile of the reception room, suspended light fittings, torcheres that cast a soft glow, and moulded door handles.