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a bullfighter
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(or torero), a person who takes part in a bullfight in an arena. There are several classifications of toreadors: the capeadors tease the bull with red capes, the picadors irritate the bull with lances, the bandilleros plunge decorated barbed sticks into the animal, and the matador, or espada (sometimes called the toreador), kills the bull with a sword.

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Hoping to impress Carmen, the dashing bullfighter, Escamillo bursts out with a robust, super-masculine, yet romantic toast to his fellow bullfighters in the Toreador Song.
The 'Toreador Song' is among the best known of all operatic arias.
"Toreador," I must confess, belongs to this hybrid style ...
The focus has since been on an eight-block licence of 4,000 sq km operated by Madison oil, a unit Toreador of Texas.
After everyone else has entered, Don Jos confronts Carmen, still enraged by her love for the toreador.
When the victorious bullfighter, Don Escamillo, appears in the square with his entourage, Carmen is smitten by the toreador, and viceversa.
2.00 York Sporting (50:30:20:10) 8-11 Rex Imperator, 7-9 Doctor Parkes, Le Toreador, Tax Free, Ancient Cross, Zero Money, 6-8 Mass Rally, Captain Dunne, 4-6 Fratellino, Kaldoun Kingdom, Ponty Acclaim, 3-5 The Thrill Is Gone, Silvanus, Burning Thread, Hazelrigg, Chunky Diamond, Lexi's Hero, 2-4 Dickie's Lad, Fitz Flyer, Mister Manannan.
One of three founders of ZaZa Energy LLC the predecessor of the company, Hearn has over three decades of experience and has served as an executive and director of ZaZa since its combination with Toreador Resources Corporation in February 2012.
THE winner of last week's pounds 500 Xword was Mrs M Boyle, Moray YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS RUNE FIBS PEW AGE S ADAM AGA FLAT TOREADOR TYRANT MEY TEENY IAIN FINESSE ALBA IRE STIFF SIP LIAM GLUCOSE ESPY SHUSH TNT SEALED CUSHIEST RODE ORE CARE TOGA PIT EMIR SPED WEE THINKER Across: 1 Goal; 4 Maple; 7 Alpha; 8 Lemon; 9 Nerve; 10 Conviction; 14 Unwind; 16 Seldom; 17 Spectacles; 22 Skate; 23 Rabbi; 25 Rondo; 26 Items; 27 Agog.
8 February 2012 - US crude oil explorer Toreador Resources Corp (NASDAQ:TRGL) said on Wednesday its shareholders will meet on 15 February to vote on the planned merger with sector player ZaZa Energy LLC.
Among the popular pieces are the Habanera, with its sensual rhythms, and the stirring Toreador's Song.
Toreador Resources Corporation (NASDAQ: TRGL / NYSE Euronext Paris: TOR), a company that produces oil and gas through the ownership of mineral and royalty interests, and working interests in mineral properties, has announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2011.