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a bullfighter
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(or torero), a person who takes part in a bullfight in an arena. There are several classifications of toreadors: the capeadors tease the bull with red capes, the picadors irritate the bull with lances, the bandilleros plunge decorated barbed sticks into the animal, and the matador, or espada (sometimes called the toreador), kills the bull with a sword.

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Charles had revived his Toreadors venture and they performed on a makeshift stage on the Whitley Bay seafront.
The Toreadors including at the front, Charles Elderton with his daughter
It features Bizet's unforgettable melodies including The Toreador's Song.
In the rehearsal of the toreadors, after informing his dancers that he might change the choreography, Djuric joined the dancing.
Transformed frames are further characterized by the existence of brackets--either temporal or spatial.[10] Spatial brackets are manifold in the bullfight, delimiting several levels of participation: the walls of the arena isolate, from the external world (primary frame), all the participants (transformed frame); the first barrier or |talanquera' isolates from the public all the personnel (actors, administrators, workers, doctors, etc.); the second barrier or |barrera' isolates, from the alley or |calejon' between those two barriers reserved for the personnel, the whole of the |cuadrilla', i.e., the team made up by the matadors and toreadors, picadors and horses, banderilleros--and of course, the bull.
BACK IN THE DAY: A picture of thedome shortly after it opened LANDMARK: The dome and, right, the Toreadors group
Matadors, picadors and toreadors wearing ballet pumps, white pop socks, pedal pushers, bolero, and a Mickey Mouse hat?
However, This is no tale of Spanish toreadors, but "An Autoerotic Thriller, a tale of passion and revenge."
The children from Knightlow will accompany the choir in The March of the Toreadors from Carmen and will also take centre stage for All things bright and beautiful.
In 1904 a mock Spanish City was built for a concert by a troupe called The Toreadors, who coined the name.