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torus molding
A bold projecting molding, convex in shape, generally forming the lowest member of a base over the plinth.
References in classic literature ?
As before, the moment he was released, he tore the ring out through his flesh.
Then a crying and a baying rose up to heaven as the grey wolves leaped and bit and tore.
Then they tore off her dainty clothing, and cut her beautiful body into pieces and sprinkled salt upon it.
Indeed, the little girl found it was as much as she could do to mount the stairs to the deck, and as soon as she got there the wind struck her so fiercely that it almost tore away the skirts of her dress.
He tore a sheet of paper from his pocket book, and unlocking a small gold case at the end of his watch chain, shook from it a pencil with yellow crayon.