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torsade, cable molding, rope molding

1. A twisted or spiral molding.
2. Any ornamental twist.
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Torsade de pointes complicating atrioventricular block: report of two cases.
They searched for cases of men with long QT, torsade de pointes or a sudden death associated with testosterone-blocking therapy.
In height, the church wall is divided into two unequal parts through a torsade belt framed by two black granite lines, containing graphic models, inspired by Polish renaissance.
A new biomarker--index of cardiac electrophysiological balance (iCEB)--plays an important role in druginduced cardiac arrhythmias: beyond QT-prolongation and Torsades de Pointes (TdPs).
Torsades de pointes was also observed, and he received 2 grams of intravenous magnesium.
Torsade de pointes (TdP) is a fatal ventricular arrhythmia and is associated with prolongation of QT interval which reflects enhanced repolarization dispersion in the myocardium [25].
Monomorphic VT occur in 83 (65.35%), polymorphic VT occurred in 19 (14.96%), torsade depointes in 9 (7.08%) and ventricular fibrillation in 16 (12.6%) patients.
Many drugs may prolong the [QT.sub.c] interval in patients but the torsade genecity is associated with transmural dispersion of depolarization (TDP), and torsade only occurs when TDP increases (4).
Electrocardiography abnormalities such as atrial flutter, atrioventricular block, torsade de pointes, sinus tachycardia, QT prolongation, ST elevation, and T wave inversion were detected in seven patients.
Sertindole was never marketed in the US [6]; mesoridazine was marketed in the US but with a warning regarding dose-related QTc prolongation and associated risk of torsade de pointes [6].