Torsion Bar

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torsion bar

[′tȯr·shən ‚bär]
(mechanical engineering)
A spring flexed by twisting about its axis; found in the spring suspension of truck and passenger car wheels, in production machines where space limitations are critical, and in high-speed mechanisms where inertia forces must be minimized.
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Torsion Bar


a bar that operates by twisting and acts as a spring. Torsion bars are manufactured from heat-treated steel, which tolerates great torsional stress and twisting through large angles (tens of degrees). They are used mainly in vehicle suspensions and multistage reducers to equalize the torque between parallel gears.

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Considering the road situation as random vibration, the power spectral function was used to establish correlation function as one of constraint conditions to optimize calculating basic size of torsion bar for increasing suspension stiffness, decreasing frequency of hitting stop block, and meanwhile limiting the change of location angle of front wheels.
Although weight is increased, the vehicle also has increased mobility due to improved torsion bar suspension components and advanced friction dampers.
The torsion bar, usually associated with a trailing arm, is very popular with "hulled" armoured vehicles, as it enables their designers to make the best possible use of the space determined by the vehicles track.
An innovative engineering team weighed in with a new, all-aluminium, 1,470cc four-cylinder engine driving through the front wheels, with a soft ride assured thanks to long-travel independent suspension by torsion bars.
Virtually any component can be peened, but it's particularly beneficial for parts such as torsion bars, connecting rods, and gearbox components; dependant on the application, the peening process can increase component life by millions of cycles.
KI's exclusive pneumatic lift assist system with torsion bars make this table easy and safe for one person to set up or fold down.
These effectively serve as torsion bars; they are firmly mounted in the middle, but still allow relative motion.
Safety is paramount with the car housing an anti-roll and torsion bars, driver, passenger, chest and head airbags and front seat belts with explosive pre-tensioners.
Mekhanbor's vibrating jaw crusher consists of a shell on which mobile crushing jaws, incorporating self synchronising vibrators, are mounted by means of spring loaded torsion bars.
The front suspension was independent with wishbones and torsion bars while the brakes were hydraulically operated.