Torsion Bar

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torsion bar

[′tȯr·shən ‚bär]
(mechanical engineering)
A spring flexed by twisting about its axis; found in the spring suspension of truck and passenger car wheels, in production machines where space limitations are critical, and in high-speed mechanisms where inertia forces must be minimized.

Torsion Bar


a bar that operates by twisting and acts as a spring. Torsion bars are manufactured from heat-treated steel, which tolerates great torsional stress and twisting through large angles (tens of degrees). They are used mainly in vehicle suspensions and multistage reducers to equalize the torque between parallel gears.

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Total volume: 9,163 m of new building sound insulation wall with heights from 2 m to 4 m above sea level (viewing area 29,696 m 2 ), Including 8 torsion beams in the area of railway overpasses; 8 503 m manufacturing cable management systems; 3 175 m new construction of drainage systems; 4 898 m reprofiling randweg; 395 m manufacture randwegkonstruktion; 140 m new construction of bored pile wall; Retrofitting contact protection at 11 overpasses; Brckenentdrhnung at a railway overpass.
Total mass in all six lots: 9.163 m New sound-proofing wall with heights of 2 m to 4 m above sea level (29,696 m2 of surface area), including 9 torsion beams in the area of railroad overpasses; 8.503 m Manufacture of cable management systems; 4,501 m new drainage systems; 4,898 m reprofiling border path; 395 m manufacturing of edge path construction; 140 m New construction Pile wall; Retrofitted Protection against contact at 11 road crossings Lowering of tracks in the area of a SU; Dismantling of a switch; Installation of signature mats at 1 railroad crossing.
For the noise protection walls, 2 special constructions are to be constructed as torsion beams. The construction of the noise barriers is mainly to be carried out on the same side.