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A deformity of the neck resulting from contraction of the cervical muscles or fascia. Also known as wryneck.
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or wryneck, a deformity of the neck caused by a unilateral tension of the muscles and soft tissues of the neck, or by distortion of the neck region of the spine; it is accompanied by improper position of the head. Congenital torticollis is a result of improper intrauterine development or birth trauma; acquired torticollis appears after injury or burns or as a result of inflammation of the muscles or lymph glands of the neck.

The head is inclined to the side of the affected muscle, the occiput approaches the shoulder on that side, and the chin is turned and raised toward the opposite side. Head movements, especially lateral ones, are substantially limited. If there has been no timely treatment, such secondary deformities as asymmetry of the face and skull and deformation of the spine are added to the basic deformity. Torticollis is treated by an orthopedic physician.


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