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I'll be hanged if we'll toss any one against their will.
Let's toss two of them together, Walker," suggested he.
The coop did not toss around any more, but rode the waves more gently--almost like a cradle rocking--so that the floor upon which Dorothy stood was no longer swept by water coming through the slats.
Toss: KPK U-16 won the toss and elected to bat first
I recall watching a prosperity toss video with diners loudly verbalizing their dreams for a new house, a new car-all in the spirit of fun!
With a posting on his website, Levitt invited individuals who couldn't make up their minds about matters both major (like divorce) and minor (such as changing hair color) to avail themselves of a randomized coin toss.
We toss in championship where Dougie Fresh from impressing with the ball on his England T20 debut against Sri Lanka, Dawson shone with the bat.
If the visiting captain declines, then the toss goes ahead as normal.
The Toss exhibition will not only showcase Pakistani products but also provide an ideal platform for presentation to trade missions operating Pakistan.
When Gulf News asked Waqar on the role that toss can play in the Sharjah Test, he said: "In this part of the world where the pitches are more conducive to the spinners, captains think towards batting first.
A "To be honest, when we lost the be honest, when we lost the T toss I was a bit disappointed because I thought it was a big one to win," he said.
Instead, Cool Science is featuring its unique mix of fun and science in its Mini Fruitcake Toss dedicated to kids.