total quality management

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total quality management

[¦tōd·əl ′kwäl·əd·ē ‚man·ij·mənt]
(systems engineering)
A philosophy and set of guiding concepts that provides a comprehensive means of improving total organization performance and quality by examining each process through which work is done in a systematic, integrated, consistent, organization-wide manner. Abbreviated TQM.
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total quality management (TQM)

a managerial technique for the pursuit of continuous improvement through strategic, processual and cultural change in organizations. Studies of TQM in the UK suggests that it has a close relationship with Japanese industrial practice and the American 'school of excellence’, and that there is considerable variability in the nature and impact of TQM in the UK.

Broadly, optimists regard TQM as having the potential to resolve some of the problems that managers experienced with ‘quality circles’ (see S Hill, 1991), whilst sceptics point to the disjuncture between the rhetoric and reality of TQM, although they recognize that, in association with the techniques of human resource management it may produce changes in behaviour in line with management objectives. Nevertheless, it is suggested that the rhetoric of‘devolution’ and ‘empowerment’ is often undermined by the simultaneous use of forms of control which involve lateral, peer-group pressure and vertical information systems which buttress centralized control. Moreover, sceptics suggest that particular economic, political and cultural features make a full-blown system of TQM unlikely here (see Sewell and Wilkinson, 1992).

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To examine gender differences in opinions about distinguish operative total quality management factor leadership in the public-sector universities of Pakistan.
Cheng (2007) found in his study in the implementation of six signa related to total quality management i.e.
The word Quality may sum up the requirements of any customer in any sector of the industry and it's the idea of Total Quality Management that can assist organizations in material planning, production planning, quality control, quality assurance and the related, whereas marketing management techniques may help organizations to identify competitive price according to product's features and quality.
Firstly, applying total quality management leads to better quality services compared to services provided by competitors and increases market share and profits.
Gee, Richardson and Wortman (2000) defined total quality management as strategy, regulatory and administrative way that seek for the participation of all employees to increase profitability by ensuring customer satisfaction, employees and providing benefits to society.
This is the dimension that completes the imaginary circle of total quality management and removes one of the reasons why employees may reject this type of leadership: the fear of job loss since total quality management could mean more work for fewer employees.
The training program "Total Quality Management"is the way for directors to define and decrease the management mistakes in the operations and in the process of decision making to reach the strategy of comparative quantity.
This can be seen from the definition of quality orientation or total quality management (TQM).
So, total quality management means all the methods through which total quality is obtained.
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Gould is also a Level IV Professor and the past Director of DAU's Total Quality Management Course.

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