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The total temperature variation at the borehole walls is obtained by the sum of the temperature variations caused by every borehole:
The inlet flow total temperature was kept constant at 55[degrees]C, and a zero normal-derivative condition was used for the outlet.
The RSS total for all of the temperature components yields a total temperature uncertainty of 71 mK at k = 1.
The company, founded in 1987, pioneered the concept of perioperative temperature management with its Total Temperature Management system, which includes forced air warming units, fluid warming systems and blankets sold under the well-known brand name Bair Hugger.
The actual total temperature loss will vary from one ladle or furnace to the other as well as from one foundry to another.
C, which was half the total temperature difference between peak glacial and interglacial times for this area, Dansgaard and his co-workers report in the June 15 NATURE.
channel - static pressure and total temperature of the channel)
Although the minimum recommended difference between temperatures for RPM testing is 10[degrees]C, a total temperature difference of 20[degrees]C was recommended to provide more confidence in the RPM projection.
A total temperature profile difference of less than 0.
12 bars and the total temperature equal to 1300 K, and on the outlet of the rotor the mass flow per machine equal to 8.
By putting the appropriate parameters into the master computer, meals consisting of different components (eg, potatoes and meat with sauce and vegetables) can be processed with a total temperature deviation of TA = 80 [degrees] C +/-5 [degrees] C at an inlet temperature of Te = 40 [degrees] C +/-5 [degrees] C and a treatment time of t = 3 minutes per 400g tray and can therefore be pasteurized without any major blowing up of the plastics film.

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