total war

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total war

the form of modern warfare in which whole populations may be subject to mobilization either as soldiers or as labour, and in which whole populations are regarded as legitimate targets. Air warfare is a significant feature of modern warfare compared with the more limited conventional warfare of previous eras. However, the onset of mass CITIZENSHIP, and nationalist ideologies and citizen armies is equally significant.

Total War


an imperialist war that subordinates to its own interests the entire life and economy of a nation, using the crudest means to defeat and destroy both the armed forces and the civilian population of the enemy. The theory of total war was first set forth in 1935 by the German general E. Ludendorff. It became the basis of fascist Germany’s doctrine of war and was applied by the fascist Germans during World War II.

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Moreover, China is not prepared to fight a total war to resolve a border dispute.
Because they threatened national survival, World War II and the subsequent Cold War forced the US military first to wage and then constantly prepare for total war.
In fact, Warhammer's factionbased, story-led quest lines are a unique stand-out for the Total War series, which has previously had to at least loosely adhere to some historical precedent.
The overall mechanics have also been streamlined and it really doesn't take too much time to learn the ropes, even if you've never played a Total War game.
As with previous Total War games, tutorials focus initially on battlefield command, and we leap straight into a bit of early Roman history, during the Samnite Wars, when Rome hadn't yet conquered Italy.
The army in British India; from colonial warfare to total war 1857-1947.
He consciously and deliberately dropped the limited war policy and tactics that the Union had pursued for the first year and half, and, based upon his astute understanding of political, economic, social, and military factors, began to implement an uncompromising strategy of total war.
Total war is not only carried out with military units; it means mobilizing all possible avenues: economic, political, social, physiological.
The photos show the crowd going wild as he asked them if they wanted total war and springing to their feet to give the Hitler salute.
The author of this study begins with an intriguing set of questions: Does total war require "total history"?
She also thinks video games that involve planning and strategy, such as those from the Total War series, may train working memory because the player is keeping track of past actions and planning for the future.
Total war funding in FY2009, including the supplemental currently being considered, would be $149 billion or about $34 billion below the previous year.