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On drawings, abbr. for “total.”
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Tote: [euro]6.10, [euro]2.10, [euro]3.10, [euro]2.20.
Jeff Dixon, President, TOTE Services 904-248-4700 *
To compare a Tote return to a bookmaker's SP in this context is misleading.
A tote only big enough to hold 3-4 standard size kitchen bags.
Tote: win PS1.80 places PS1.10 PS10.40 Tote Exacta: PS53.40 CSF: PS70.29 Trifecta: PS237.30 6.25 1 SCRIBE (IRE) (D J Bates) 7-2F 2 Mr Plod (5-1) 3 Bit Windy (33-1) 11 ran 1/2, 31/4.
Hang larger totes at your checkout section with signage encouraging customers to be earth-friendly by carrying their grocery purchases home in an insulated tote.
1) Cut two pieces of fabric (12 inches-by-9 inches) for the outside of the tote and two for the lining.
More than 220 races, embracing all of Britain's 59 courses, will be sponsored in 2003 by the Tote.
An important part of the facility's success is due to efficient use of returnable plastic totes. Products are picked into the 45,000 totes and then shipped directly within the containers to company stores.
"I think the tote is so popular because it's so multifunctional," she said.
Next, beside-the-press conveyors feed the parts into bar-coded plastic totes. Once operators have logged the totes into the inventory system with a radio-frequency scanner, the parts enter a central conveyor system with an integrated scale to ensure accurate counts.
Tote Win: PS1.80; Places: PS1.10, PS2.00, PS1.20; Tote Exacta: PS9.90; Tote Trifecta: PS20.70; CSF: PS8.16; Tricast: PS16.23; 6.30 1 Thegreyvtrain K T O'Neill 5-1; 2 Edged Out 5-6 Fav; 3 Spot Lite 11-2.