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On drawings, abbr. for “total.”
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Founded in 1959, United Tote is a leading supplier of totalizator systems, terminals and other pari-mutuel wagering services that process more than $7 billion in handle (wagers) annually on a global basis, approximately 90% of which is North American pari-mutuel handle.
TOTE IRELAND celebrate the launch of their mobile betting app by sponsoring four races at Navan today, writes Jessica Lamb.
Tote PR director said Rob Hartnett: "By concentrating on the big betting race, the Tote Trifecta will generate large pools and the potential for rollovers.
The Built NY Two-Bottle Tote (aka BYO Bag(R)) is a bottle carrier made from neoprene, the stretchy wet suit material, and has previously won Gold Prize 2004 IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Awards sponsored by BusinessWeek Magazine) and Fortune Magazine's top 25 new products of 2003.
Political expediency dictated that British taxpayers, alias the Treasury, receive some financial benefit and, in 1998, when KPMG valued the Tote at pounds 150 million, it seemed likely racing would secure the business for pounds 75m.
Their width adds increased maneuverability on the ship, allowing trailers as large as 53 feet long, a choice TOTE wanted to offer its customer base shipping cargo to the Alaska marketplace.
It is tempting to lambast the government for the latest instalment in what has become an interminable fiasco, and plenty of racing blood will boil at Gordon Brown's off-the-top-ofthe-head decision to toss the Tote back into the ring, and at treasury minister Lord Myners' declaration that "we have an important responsibility to ensure that public assets are disposed of for the public good, rather than for individual sectoral interests".
Working with the NTRA's Technical Task Force, the TRPB and others, the team's first priority will be to identify immediate steps that the industry can take, with tote company cooperation, to maximize wagering security while longer-term technology issues are addressed.
Tote chairman Mike Smith, who replaced Peter Jones in July for a three-year term - or until the Tote is sold - met last Wednesday with RCA chairman David Thorpe, BHA chairman Paul Roy, and Paul Dixon, chairman of the Horsemen's Group.
The Tote - short for Horserace Totalisator Board - was set up in 1928 thanks to the great Winston Churchill.
The tote has already accompanied Fawcett to a handful of occasions including this year's Oscars.
Stewart, who had regular meetings with sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe about acquiring the Tote, said financial powerhouses keen to take on the betting operation would inevitably be deterred by the BBC's "ridiculous" plan to halve its racing output.