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On drawings, abbr. for “total.”
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As someone who spent a childhood getting hooked on Emerald Chocolate Caramels and Tote Placepots by my grandmother, the closure of the Oatfield factory in Letterkenny and the restriction of the Placepot to just two days at Punchestown made it a rough week.
DisplayBuild a display illustrating the portability of today's versatile insulated totes.
In 2003, the company purchased additional totes for use in its remaining four DCs.
Kevin Sweeney, marketing manager for Sterilite, said, "Once consumers bring totes in the home and start using them, they become addictive.
Once operators have logged the totes into the inventory system with a radio-frequency scanner, the parts enter a central conveyor system with an integrated scale to ensure accurate counts.
In Australia, tote returns have more relevance than the SP, and this is despite three different totes taking each other on.
In addition, the Chester, NY distribution center was equipped with 45,000 new plastic totes for the shipment of repacked goods to retail stores.
Lockheed's automated tote storage system holds up to 14,700 totes in 24 horizontal carousels (White Systems) arranged on two levels.
Equally interesting is the Hemingway plant's automated product-handling system, which directs a fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that carry totes full of parts to an elaborate automated warehouse.